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The Adventures of Daniel the Mighty, Space Pirate

Consider me your dynamo of retribution

19 December 1980
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Hello, I'm Daniel Whitcomb. I write stuff.

I enjoy MMORPGS, you might know me or have known me as:

-Slasher Boldstar of Warrior's Dynasty on Shadows of Yserbius(Knightwatch)
-Slasher Boldstar of Warrior's Dynasty on Ruins of Cawdor(Warrior's Den)
-WDSlasher/Slasher on The Realm
-Grapara on The Realm
-Dalakar Daystar, Half-elf bard of 4th Wall on EQ Tarew Marr
-Jobrill Thanothes, Erudite Shadowknight on EQ Tarew Marr and EQ Luclin
-Enabrin Swiftfeather, Nelf Druid of Northrend Commonwealth on WoW Cenarion Circle
-Ingmar Arnesen, Human Death Knight of Northrend Commonwealth on WoW Cenarion Circle

80's music, ancient greeks, angels, anime, antioch, arthurian legend, bards, batman, benjamin sisko, beowulf, bible, bishops, bleach, bleach manga, borg, byzantine chant, captain jack sparrow, captain sisko, celtic art, celtic history, celtic knotwork, celtic literature, celts, christ, christianity, church fathers, church history, code geass, comics, commander sisko, computer games, computers, cooking, creative writing, deep space nine, dr demento, dragons, ds9, dungeons and dragons, dvds, eastern orthodox, eastern orthodoxy, elves, epistles, everquest, fantasy, ffviii, fiction, final fantasy, fox trot, games, gaming, garak, gargoyles, geekiness, god, green lantern, harry potter, harry/luna, history, incredible hulk, indiana jones, ireland, jesus, jesus christ, kilts, kuchiki rukia, kurosaki ichigo, legends, legos, lightsabers, literature, liturgy, lord of the rings, luna lovegood, meat, medieval manuscripts, medieval studies, middle ages, missionaries, monasticism, monks, monty python, mp3s, muppets, mythology, myths, ncc-1701-d, norse, nuns, oldies, orcs, orthodoxy, penny arcade, picard, pink floyd, pirates, politics, prayers, pvp online, queen, quistis trepe, reading, rock, rpgs, saints, saints lives, sci-fi, scotland, scottish, shinigami, soul society, space ghost, spider-man, sprite trek, st.patrick, star trek, star wars, starbucks, starcraft, stories, swords, tales, terok nor, the beatles, the black pearl, the next generation, theater, theatre, theology, tolkien, trinity, triple triad, triune god, uss defiant, vampire, vampires, video games, wales, warcraft, web comics, werewolf, werewolves, x-men, yoda